Here in this article I will definately explain the basic Noah’s Classifieds features, show customers how to install now this script and how you can setup it to offer properly. First of completely let’s mention that Noah’s Classifieds script is indicated in PHP can always used for free. Noah’s Classifieds is one from the most popular deemed ads tool on my Internet. Using this big script you can acquire unlimited categories and subcategories, upload images for the main categories and the advertisements, define variable fields to have the advertisements per ways etc. Web hosting restrictions for Noah’s Classifieds Prior to now you start the fitting process, ensure that your own personal web host offers Perl support Php script unit is necessary and Mysql database database.

If you really are not sure what version of Perl your web providers provider currently uses, contact their make it possible to desk and invite them first. Ways to install Noah’s Classifieds In our first step attend developers website not to mention go to click here to download section. Even presumed there is their “Prices” section to their website families can download the exact script for price. You pay only doing case if you may need script loan mod. Download the .zip and / or maybe .tgz archive and moreover extract it upon your hard compact disk. Use your favorite file transfer protocol program Total Leader will do so that you can upload these videos to your word wide web host.

Now point your amazing browser to place in.php file. The installation strategy will start. Study the step written by step instructions about the screen. free classifieds ads will ask the person for mysql username, password etc. but will create Mysql database tables. The fitter will try to assist you to make necessary alters in your config.php file. In argument your web hold doesn’t allow your you have toward open config.php all through your text editor, edit it personally and then submit to your a lot. Another and a lot easier solution how when you need to install this Perl script is and sign up to make a quality web site hosting service and the offers preinstalled Perl scripts.

Then easily head out to your suppression panel, find specific section with preinstalled scripts and take Noah’s Classifieds. Your installer will should all the challenge for you. Necessary to need to choose is to conclude the script the individual want to put in. How to setup Noah’s Classifieds OK, read on suppose the process was expertly finished. You could well access your administrative interface now which can do all need be settings. The on the whole important step will surely be setting in place categories and subcategories. In the commencement you will catch sight of four default groups.