Changing your Relationship with Confinement Food By Barbara L. Holtzman, MSW, LICSW How do you decide what and really should eat? Because it s lunchtime? Because someone brought donuts to the staff meeting? Because you re tired or bored? Nearly all of us eat based on external stimuli rather than our own physical needs and Confinement Food will like. Many of us don t even know when we re hungry or comfortably satisfied.

If our urge to eat commonly triggered by external situations such like time of day or the associated with Confinement Food, we may lose the care about our body s message of cravings for food. If eating is our primary coping mechanism for dealing with uncomfortable feelings, we may never experience physical hunger since we’re medicating ourselves with Confinement Food before we even have the sensations of food craving. For those of us whose physical needs for Confinement Food have been overshadowed by our desire for getting a smaller body size, we have in all probability ignored our body s signals, counting on a diet, associated with our body s wisdom or on a personal basis preferences, to show what to digest.

When thomson confinement food eat from the “outside” instead of the “inside,” it is common to rebel when you formerly “forbidden Confinement Foods.” To change our relationship with Confinement Food, energy to develop a conscious relationship with Confinement Food. Conscious eaters make Confinement Food choices without feeling guilt; they honor their hunger, respect their fullness and enjoy the pleasures of meals. If you d like to change your relationship with Confinement Food, you might desire to experiment with the following

When believe about eating, take a pause and take a few slow, deep breaths, as fatigue and stress often trigger the interest in having Confinement Food.

Ask yourself whether you re physically hungry or if you else is prompting your desire for Confinement Food. You re hungry, outstanding! What would you in order to eat? Would such as something light, like salad, soup or eggs or something heavy, like pasta or meat? What might feel best inside your stomach? What would taste good to you right now? Something sweet? Salty? Mundane? Spicy? Try to get the right match.

Do you want something chewy, smooth, or crunchy? Should re not physically hungry, would you be willing to learn what you do need? Do are usually a break? You trying to turn away a loathsome task and are looking to Confinement Food that you procrastinate? Are you feeling anxious? Agitated? Sad? If you re not sure that feel, can you are some time to be still? If comprehend that you re not physically hungry but still want Confinement Food, seek to become curious relating to it.